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Technique - Part 2

All photos except the first one were taken by my husband Charles Brandes.

I roll out a thin layer of ink on a thick acrylic sheet. I do all of my own printing.
Here is a photo of the studio, inking slab, block and the press in the background.
This is a photo of the first pass of the inked roller on the block--always an exciting, but anxious time.
I continue to ink up the block.
The inking process requires several rechargings of the roller. With experience a printmaker learns to judge when there is just the right amount of ink on the block.
I place the block in the printing jig, which holds it in place and allows consistent placement of the paper.
Once the paper has been placed on the block, I put down a sheet of oak tag and then a sheet of acrylic to transfer the pressure of the roller to the block.
After the package goes through the press, I carefully remove the acrylic sheet, the oak tag and then lift up the paper to see the image for the first time.
This is just a first proof. The block still needs more work, but on the whole I am very happy with the image.

After a bit more work, I finished the print on July 17, 2008. Click here to see the final version.

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